Whether you are looking to re-launch a website, build from scratch, managing existing social media, or if you are interested in employing a new social media channel, here at RMS we pride ourselves on being able to create a bespoke design and management package tailored to your individual requirements. We can do as much or as little as each situation requires, even if it is just on a rural media consultancy basis.

Social Media and its employment as a marketing tool in commercial industry is a booming growth sector. It's ability to reach a wide audience very quickly, effectively and relatively inexpensively, makes it a really useful feature to any business, including rural businesses. Whilst it should not comprise your entire marketing strategy, it can be a hugely beneficial asset if implemented correctly. 'Rural Media Solutions' can manage your rural social media strategy keeping if continually refreshed and updated, aiming it at as broad or specific a spectrum of people as required, dependent of sector and individual objectives.

In a day and age where nearly all businesses have an online presence for e-commerce, trading, advertising, or if only as a point of contact, having a smart and professional face for your company or organisation online is a must. 'Rural Media Solutions' can offer a tailored website design service centred around a smart, user friendly website platform with extensive functionality for all of your business requirements, with links to all social media accounts, as well as ongoing management. Similar to your social media, continued updates and evolution of your webpage is essential to prevent your brand going stale, keeping you at the cutting edge

If you feel you have all of your website and social requirements under control and are happy managing these yourself, but just want a little bit of advice with these elements of your business and marketing, then get in touch! We are happy to talk to you, if only to act as a sounding board for a new idea or strategy, or to offer an insight or opinion into current operations, we will be able to help. We are happy to consult and involve ourselves to whatever extent is required, in order to help you get the best out of your website and rural social media channels, its what we do.