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our approach to what we do can be summed up in three words...



Whatever rural media project we are involved with, it is our core and founding principle to ensure that whoever we are representing, is portrayed in an honest light. We know and understand that our rural industries hold reputation and integrity at the top of the 'priorities' list


When times get rough, it is the passion and rudimental love for what we do that gets us through and on to better times. This attitude is conveyed with prevalence through whatever media form is required by organisations we work with. Rural social media needs to be connected



Being a farmer myself, and working across the rural sector, I am intrinsically connected to all that is happening around us. This puts me in the perfect position to connect the agri-business or rural organisation to their target rural media audience effectively 


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Jack Stilwell
Owner and founder

Well, this is me. My name is Jack and I am a beef farmer from West Sussex. A big part of scaling my business upon leaving university revolved around a crowd funding campaign, and a significant part of promoting my project relied on online marketing and publicity via social media, namely through the use of my website, Instagram and twitter accounts. 

The campaign continued to grow and prosper, exceeding all of my expectations, it was a success. However, my social media accounts gained a significant following, and attracted the attention of other rural businesses. I was asked by several organisations, including some national companies, stating 'we really like what you have done for yourself, could you so the same for us?' to which the answer was of course 'yes'. 

There are many organisations that design, create and manage social media, and are very good at it, but what makes me different is that I am a FARMER, and therefore I am coming from an agricultural and rural perspective. I have found that this has allowed me to connect with rural and farming audiences, which is a huge advantage to the rural businesses, agri-businesses and organisations I work with. I believe this element of connectivity is essential in any rural media or rural social media campaign. 


Jack’s crowdfunding campaign and the design of his Website caught my eye and I asked if he would be interested in being involved in the Farmers Of The UK Website. The work was to brief and on budget.
When it launched there were lots of very complimentary comments about the design and layout which Jack must share in the credit for. I have other ideas lined up and would be happy recommend others to use Jack & RMS
— Simon @ Farmers Of The UK